Jan 22, 2009

To....U Thant

U Thant

Hello Sir,

I know that today gonna be your 100th birthday ceremony, if you are still in this Mysterious Outlook! I just wrote this letter to let you know that you still keep alive in our souls, though you left our environment and society for a long time!

I have a lot to tell you about Today which you can’t know nor see! It is better you can’t see what’s going on this Earth. You know, that most of the things in our sights are ruined systematically, strategically, slightly, smoothly, delicately, and deeply day by day. I am sure that you will surprise what’s going on Today! Of course, the organization that you loved and loyally severed for many years is included as one of them! ;)

Yes, I know very well that you able to block the river which is nearly flowed by tears and blood! I know very well that you let continue the birds flying in the sky which is nearly substituted by rockets and bullets! I know very well that you allowed the millions of lives to keep sing with their families. I know very well that you gave the chances to the parents to flower their children for new and bright generation. Yes, I do know that you sacrificed a lot for our beloved Union. But one question, please Sir! Does it deserve?

No, don’t think our Mother Land already forget about you! Please, don’t be misunderstood! It ain’t be right anymore! Don’t be doubt that there’s no one who can follow your step, yet! Untill today. Oops! Sorry, I was wrong! But…! Let it be…! I don’t want to talk about that & let’s make secret between you and me. You know what I mean, right? ;)

Maybe we are stupid, useless. Maybe we are not bright enough like you. Maybe the century is already changed. Maybe there’s no chance for us. Maybe our fates are tricked by a magician. Maybe our dreams are locked. Maybe our histories are over written. Maybe we are screwed up. Maybe we are complicated. Maybe we are trapped!

But don’t think twice, Sir. If somebody destroyed our chances, we will find another ways! If our fates are tricked by a magician, we will use our inspiration to revolute that magician! If our dreams are locked, we will find the key for our freedom. If someone over written our history, we will try to re-write our history with our spirits again! We will cut the head of the illusion which makes us complicated and stuck between unnecessary worries.

You should know only one thing, Sir. Maybe our skin becomes pale, for lacking of rights. But the blood which flowing in our veins are still red, brilliantly as our Union’s Flag still red all over the sky! You know that we are still singing our own National Anthem which was written with our grand, grand generation’s blood and spirits! We sang, we still singing and we will sing as loud as we can, not with our mouths, but with our hearts till the end of the world, loudly….., proudly….! I bet you that you will be smiling at that time! Isn’t it? ;)

Sir, I can promise you one thing that, no matter what happen to us we, our generation will keep walking till all the Countries, Nations in this Universe know WHAT WE ARE! WHAT OUR COUNTRY IS! HOW WE LOVE OUR UNION! HOW WE BRAVE! HOW WE PATRIOTIC….!






ေကာင္းကင္ကို said...

လာဖတ္သြားတယ္ ညီေရ။

ေႏြးေႏြးသဲမြန္ said...

Great!!! All right!

I do appreciate for ur well done.

Fan said...

Excellent post.

Watery said...

good post! I can hear your love and inspiration for the country through your essay... "We will cut the head of the illusion which makes us complicated and stuck between unnecessary worries." i like that line.
Yes, you are right. we lost the way out because of that unnecessary worries most of the time..

Anonymous said...

I have always respected you

Heartmuseum said...

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