Oct 19, 2007

Devil & Church

Let the Devil get into the church, and he will soon be on the alter.

Head & Hat

He who has no Head doesn't need hat.

Door & Head

Don't carry your head to high, the door is too low.

Robber & Book

There is no robber worse than a bad book.

Courage & Legs

He who has no courage should have legs.

A Lamp

Destroy all passions when you light Buddha's lamp.


Never give advice unless asked.
You should not swallow more beliefs than you can digest (Analyse).

Truth & Light

Light still means light, though the blindman doesn't see it.


What you see in the mirror is not in the mirror.

Do better

Be silent, or say something that is better than silience.

Time & Truth

God knows the truth,.....but he waits....(Leo Tolstoy)


What is the use of running, when you are on the wrong road?


Proverbs are the wisdom of ages.


One "Today" is more sweet than ten "Tomorrows"


For long.....is not forever.


Curses are like reactions, they come back to the place where they had been set out.


Patience is a flower that grows not in every garden.

Clock's Strike

When a man is in happiness, he does not hear the clock's strike.


There is a "But" in everything.

Sins & Debts

Sins and debts are always more than we think them to be.


Everything comes in time, to the man who knows how to wait.


Time is the greatest magician.

Life & Stairs

The life is stair case ; some are going up, some are coming down.

Word & Sword

Sometime in the world, words hurt than swords.

The Bottom

Never let anyone see the bottom of your purse or your mind.

The Best

The old friends and the old wines are the best.


Never write what you dare not sign.


Lend only what you can afford to lose.

The Lesson

One man's fault is another man's lessons.

The Choice

In a war, a soldier can be given two orders, to fight or to surrender.

Right Time

Harvest comes not everyday, though it comes every hear.

The Distance

How far can you fly with broken wings?


Fly with your own wings.


Adapt yourself to the times.

The Truth

The truth is sacrificed by too much disputation.


It is hard to sail when there is no wind.

Bad Friend

A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.


Give the devil his due.


Nothing weights lighter than a promise.


Extreme is dangerous.


Ability become a little amount when there is no opportunity.

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